Check who will speak at Mobile Trends for Commerce.

Check out who will be speaking at Mobile Trends for Commerce

In two years, the global situation has caused a revolution in mobile shopping. The conference is an event which brings together all those who are interested in the mobile and commerce industry, as well as all those who are interested in the mobile and commerce industry. Everything to attract customers and succeed in business. Mobile Trends Conference is an event which brings together all those who sell through the e-commerce channel and in mobile. On June 29, we will meet at the next edition of this event. Participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures and learn how to turn threats into opportunities for business development.

Commerce on Mobile Trends

Mobile Trends Conference is an event addressed mainly to people who want to be up-to-date with new technologies emerging on the mobile market. The conference will be devoted to the design, development, implementation and promotion of applications and mobile solutions in the commerce sector. There will also be lectures discussing trends and pioneering solutions. This one-day event, a guide for many working in commerce and retail, will take place early this summer. Opportunity for development and chance to establish interesting business relationships make it worth planning your participation in #MT4C today.

The conference is aimed at a wide audience. In particular, participation should be of interest, among others:

  • business owners, directors, managers,
  • Retail, e-commerce product managers,
  • marketing specialists,
  • UX/UI designers, application designers,
  • strategy and development specialists,
  • project coordinators, project managers,
  • experts on. process improvement, digital transformation,
  • and all those interested in the mobile and commerce industry.

Find out how the best ones create shopping applications

Mobile Trends Awards is the most prestigious award of the mobile industry. For years, awards have been given to companies that have successfully used mobile technologies in their projects. In commerce-related categories the nominees in 2020 were very well made and functional applications among others, such brands as 4F, or POLOmarket. During the conference, we will be able to learn the details of creating these applications and the recipe for their success.

Krzysztof Łebzuch (Snowdog) will tell us what has changed in technology at the turn of 5 years, how to implement innovations and how to keep up with the developing market and how to survive the pandemic. During his lecture he will present 5 years of work on eobuwie application.en.

Łukasz Rzepecki (WEARFITS) and Kasia Gola (WEARFITS, GeekGoesChic) will talk about, How elements of the sports collection were digitalized, They “scanned” Robert Lewandowski and implemented him, one of the best football players in the world, in the mobile application and on the 4F website.

Przemysław Hanicki (APPCHANCE GROUP) will present why customers nowadays choose shopping via mobile application as their preferred shopping channel and will tell us what to pay attention to when implementing a shopping application in order to make it successful. All this based on a shopping module in POLOmarket application.

The participants will have a chance to attend lectures, which are undoubtedly worth attention. Rafał Bauer from Publicis Commerce will touch upon an extremely important topic designing and developing applications for visually impaired people, hearing or mobility. We will be able to find out how we can provide everyone with access to online shopping, especially large eRetailers. During the conference Sylwia Kaska and Nikodem Sarna from YOC will answer the question “Does mobile advertising support sales??”. This will help participants learn how to reach the hearts and wallets of smartphone users. The speakers will focus on how to prepare an appropriate advertising campaign and creation. There will also be an indication which functionalities of the phone can be used in advertising creations and thus make them more interesting and effective. All this in order to attract customers effectively to the e-shop.

A lecture by Karol Stryj (#VoiceLunch Foundation) also promises to be extremely interesting. “OK, Google – do my shopping” – this is how the world of commerce may soon look like. How our shopping habits will change when Alexa and Google Assistant will be present in Poland for good? The world is already shopping today – conversing with smart speakers and there is no indication that it will give up. This trend is worth taking advantage of today to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Soon organizers will present more speakers, but already the program looks very interesting.

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