PUBG Mobile and TikTok top the most profitable apps.

PUBG Mobile and TikTok top the most profitable apps

TikTok has become the most popular application despite the fact that Chinese productions have been banned in many countries. Short video creation platform hits $540 million profit in 2020. In second place is dating app Tinder, which earned $513 million. The most profitable game last year was PUBG Mobile, which is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

According to data released by app analysis company Apptopia, YouTube came in third with $478 million in revenue, followed by Disney+ with $314 million. Interestingly, Netflix ranks tenth with $209 million in worldwide earnings. Is this a sign that the streaming phenomenon is passing away??

The decline was due to Netflix’s decision to drop the “Apple tax”, removing the ability to activate paid subscriptions on iOS devices. In order to start streaming, you now need to use a web browser. Sensor Tower estimates that Netflix generated a total of $216.3 million in the first quarter of 2019. Tinder can also be proud of its result, as it made a profit of $260.7 million, an increase of 42%. It was followed by apps such as Tencent Video, Pandora, Kwai, Line, Line Manga. Interestingly, revenue often does not match the popularity of mobile apps.

Google Play and App Store hit record highs during the lockdown. Mobile apps were downloaded nearly 134 billion times last year, up 14% from 2019. Users downloaded 56.2 billion games to their mobile devices in 2020, and this result generated a 33% increase. The most popular game of 2020 on the App Store was Among US, PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, while on Google Play Garena Free Fire, Subway Surfers and Hunter Assassin.

How gaming revenue evolved last year?

This segment of the mobile industry generated nearly $80 billion in revenue, up 26% from 2019. On the App Store, mobile game revenue reached about $47.6 billion, while it was just under $32 billion for Google Play.

There is no doubt that the mobile industry is a very profitable and rapidly growing segment. For reasons known, last year accelerated all trends and forced some innovations that were definitely profitable for the industry.

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