Mobile marketing – how to design campaigns

Mobile marketing – how to design campaigns?

SMS campaigns are gaining in popularity. If you are considering implementing mobile marketing into your business, you will find many useful tips in this article. Together with MobiteX experts, who deal with advanced SMS services on a daily basis, we suggest how to design good campaigns and present the benefits resulting from them.

What is mobile marketing?

What exactly is mobile marketing? To answer this question we asked an expert from MobiteX, a company that has been in the industry for many years: Mobile marketing is primarily understood as communication of companies and institutions with the users of mobile devices. Usually it is sending SMS messages with commercial, advertising or personalised messages tailored to the company’s profile.

So mobile marketing is used to send information to current and potential customers, in terms of information about the offer and transaction stages, as well as advertisements, discount codes, contests, invitations. What’s more, it can also serve as a tool to communicate with participants of events, patients of medical institutions or customers of service points.

To whom SMS marketing is recommended?

Is such a form of communication necessary in every company? The advantages of SMS marketing are quite numerous – it allows you to quickly reach your recipients with information, build a base of engaged customers, run advertising campaigns, or it can perform such tasks as notification of an appointment, delivery date, or changes in the company’s working hours. So, as you can see, in almost every industry where there is a business-client/patient/service recipient relationship, this tool will be an effective solution.

Among the users of our SMS Center there are courier companies, financial institutions, stationary and on-line stores, but also service providers or medical institutions. We tailor the software to individual customer needs, which is a guarantee of success regardless of the industry – added the expert from MobiteX, a company whose offer can be found at: https://www.smscenter.en/index.html.

How to prepare an effective SMS campaign?

Above all, it should be remembered that SMS campaigns can be run only against customers who have voluntarily agreed to them. This way you can build a base of message recipients and target your messages to them.

Think about what your goal is – the campaign should be aligned with the company’s marketing strategy. Don’t blow your budget on activities that won’t have the desired effect. When developing SMS messages, be specific – avoid long messages and use effective Call To Action. What else to keep in mind? The specialist from MobiteX suggests: The following are very important: linguistic, spelling and stylistic correctness, targeting the right groups of recipients, personalization and optimization of dispatch time. In addition, it is worth applying such treatments as the use of geolocation, recovery of abandoned shopping carts or integration with other communication channels.

We hope that now mobile marketing has no more secrets from you. If you are interested in designing SMS campaigns, remember our tips! Well thought-out actions and a good strategy are the key to success!

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