Why your company needs Google Ads remarketing

Why your company needs Google Ads remarketing?

In the simplest terms, Google Ads remarketing is used to ensure that customers who have had contact with your brand do not forget about you, even if they have made purchases or subscribed to your newsletter. It is worth remarketing yourself regularly, especially when you have new products to offer, or when you want to persuade a consumer to complete a purchase. Check how AdWords remarketing works and what are its types.

Google Ads remarketing in a nutshell

Google Ads remarketing is a type of campaign run in Google’s advertising system (you may have come across the term “AdWords remarketing” – this is the old name for Google Ads). Their purpose is to target users who have already had contact with your brand, e.g.:

  • they came to your website,
  • have done the shopping,
  • they added products to the cart, but did not complete the transaction,
  • Use your mobile app,
  • subscribe to your newsletter.

Why remarketing is an effective strategy? Because the user has already taken the first step and knows your brand – so you don’t have to introduce yourself to him/her like to someone who hasn’t heard about you yet. Your path together has been shortened by one big step.

What distinguishes Google Ads remarketing?

  • Remarketing campaigns, provided that they have been well configured, accurately reach interested users and those who are initially interested in your offer.
  • They are varied – both graphic ads and videos and other static and dynamic creations are used.
  • Are effective m.in. when you want to inform about a new product or a new service, as well as to promote special offers and time limited offers.
  • They help you strengthen your brand image and consolidate it in your audience’s awareness.

When Google Ads remarketing works best? First of all in e-commerce industry, but not only. Remarketing campaigns can also effectively increase or help build brand awareness, as well as persuade users to visit your website.

How Google Ads remarketing works?

Google Ads is a tool that allows you to emit ads in the Google search engine and in the Google advertising network. What it means? Your ads can display for example. On Google’s partner sites, which include m.in. wp.pl, interia.pl, onet.pl or YouTube and many other large and small portals. It allows you to reach a huge number of users. How it works?

A special code is placed on your website, which makes it possible to subscribe to marketing lists of your potential customers, as well as track them online. For embedding such codes Google Ads is used in combination with Google Analytics. Cookies, which are stored on consumers’ computers and allow to track their behavior on the web, also play an important role. When planning a campaign in Google Ads, proper targeting and getting to know the needs and expectations of a precisely selected target group also play a significant role.

All this allows you to creating targeted, tailored advertising messages, tailoring them to consumers’ interests or referring to specific places on your site or products that interested users.

Running remarketing campaigns requires appropriate skills, knowledge of marketing market trends, familiarity with Google Ads and the ability to create, run and monitor campaigns. You can try it yourself and optimize your campaign, or you can decide to run it with adCookie – a marketing agency, thanks to which your advertising actions will achieve their goals.

Remarketing has more than one name – what kinds of remarketing are AdWords?

Google Ads gives you the possibility of using various remarketing options, thanks to which you can match ads to your recipients. You can choose e.g.:

  • standard remarketing – ads are shown when the user is browsing other sites belonging to Google’s advertising network (or using mobile or web applications). In this case, ads are displayed to users who have visited your website before,
  • dynamic remarketing – ads may include specific products or services – those viewed by users on the website or in the application,
  • search engine remarketing – otherwise Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) or remarketing lists for search ads. Ads are broadcast to those users who have entered your site and after leaving it continued their search on the Internet, on other sites,
  • video remarketing – ads are emitted to those users who have browsed your YouTube channel or watched specific videos. When they display? When users are browsing YouTube or videos posted on other sites in Google’s ad network,
  • targeted remarketing (targeted to customer lists) – ad campaigns are targeted to specific, defined lists of users who have left their contact details on your website, e.g. When signing up for a newsletter or filling out a form. Ads can be displayed on a variety of services. Allows you to build and strengthen the relationship between your audience and your brand and increase customer loyalty.

When deciding on remarketing in Google Ads, you can bet on different strategies, such as. The most important elements of remote work are: remarketing of abandoned baskets (to people who have added something to the basket, but have not made a purchase), remarketing of subpages (ads are matched to the topic of subpages viewed by users) or up-selling and cross-selling (advertising complementary or higher value products). For a campaign to be successful, it is important to carefully analyze the target group and create ads that are visually appealing, tailored to their needs and expectations.

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