Web analytics – what it is

Web analytics – what it is?

Do you conduct online marketing activities? What you need is web analytics support. It allows you to learn, analyze and understand user behavior, which allows you to draw valuable conclusions and develop an effective strategy. Web analytics – what you need to know about it?

Application of web analytics

Web analytics – what it is? It is a process of collecting and then analyzing data concerning users’ actions and activities on a website or mobile application. Analyst checks m.in. how much time a user spends on a given subpage and how he or she navigates the site. It then interprets this information, draws appropriate conclusions and thus “gets to know” the user, his preferences and needs. It also allows it to suggest specific optimization actions, that is, to improve the solutions on the website.

Web analytics is designed to optimize conversions. Conversion can be understood here in very different ways, depending on the chosen goal. This is e.g. acquiring sales leads, finalizing a purchase, filling out a form, leaving feedback, adding a photo by a user or signing up for a newsletter. The aim of actions based on web analytics can also be to improve visibility in organic search results.

Benefits of web analytics

Web analytics makes it possible:

  • gain information about the website’s users,
  • learn the details of traffic sources,
  • evaluate in detail the effectiveness of ongoing activities and campaigns,
  • track events, goals, alerts,
  • create reports,
  • verify the correct implementation of tracking codes,
  • improve a website,
  • Analyze which channel generates the most sales,
  • Gain competitive intelligence.

Which tools does the analyst use??

It is crucial that the processes related to web analytics take place all the time, constantly, so that one can react to possible problems and propose changes in real time. This is why a web analyst uses different types of tools.

The most popular tools in web analytics:

  • Google Analytics – is popular with marketers and business owners because it allows for independent data analysis. It is easy to use and free of charge. Thanks to Google Analytics you will find out what are the sources of traffic on your website, get to know information about users and check conversion rate.
  • Moz Analytics is a link management and analysis tool. Allows you to track the activity of individual brands, analyze traffic, support activities using search engines and websites.
  • TrueSocial Metrics – serves m.in. to analyze social networks. Useful for content marketing activities – helps identify topics that will be of interest to our users.

Besides, it is also successfully used:

  • heatmaps,
  • session recordings,
  • surveys on the website,
  • usability studies,
  • customer surveys.

It is worth remembering that the selection of tools depends on the m.in. the scope of activity, goals and needs of the website owner.

Web analytics allows you to develop the best strategy and direction for marketing and sales activities. The analysis of available data enables the correction of any errors and a quick response to the recipient’s needs. Although you can perform some of these activities on your own, it is definitely worth to entrust this task to a professional company that will support the process.

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