Only 25 percent. companies plan to return to full-time stationary work later this year.

Only 25 percent. companies plan to return to full-time, on-site work later this year

Over the past year Poles have become accustomed to remote working. There is a growing number of people who have appropriate conditions for working from home – over 63% of employees declare that they have such conditions. of respondents in the Polish ClickMeeting survey. However, we can also see a growing fatigue with the current situation – as many as 22 percent. 92% of employees would like the company to provide them with an opportunity for voluntary consultation with a psychologist. Nearly 6 percent. employers already provide such consultations.

Over the past year, working outside the office has ceased to be a technological novelty and a privilege for the chosen ones, and for many people it has become an everyday reality. However, despite the satisfaction with the ability to adapt work to the rhythm of the day and save time on commuting, over time there was also fatigue and uncertainty. According to a new ClickMeeting survey “How we evaluate remote work after one year of pandemonium?”, a Polish company providing webinar solutions, only 25 percent. companies are planning to return to full-time work this year, while 24 percent of companies are planning to return to full-time work. employees do not know what plans their company has in this area. As many as 34 percent. companies plan to implement hybrid workflows.

Our survey shows that Poles have become accustomed to remote working, they just need appropriate legal regulations and support from employers – says Dominika Paciorkowska, managing director at ClickMeeting – Thanks to modern tools for video conferencing, such as the ClickMeeting platform, working in teams can be convenient and effective. Already over ⅓ of companies see the benefits of such solutions and plan to combine stationary work with the possibility of remote work in the future.

Already 63% of. of employees declare that they have adequate conditions to work from home

Compared to the previous report on remote working published by ClickMeeting in September 2020, the conditions for working from home have improved slightly – now 63% of the respondents declare to work remotely. respondents, by 4 percent. more than in September. At the same time still as much as 37 percent. of employees have only partially appropriate conditions for remote working or do not have it at all. The problem does not lie in technological issues – 92% of. of respondents have sufficient equipment to work from home. As much as 88 percent. also have adequate internet connection – this is by 8%. More than in September. However, there is a lack of adequate space and quietness.

More and more people in connection with the remote work expect increases

Employers’ preparation for the new conditions looks a little worse in light of the report. Only 9 percent. of those surveyed are compensated by their company for the costs they incur in working from home, such as. higher bills for water, electricity, the Internet or the purchase of appropriate equipment. However, it must be admitted that the number of people expecting such subsidies is slowly falling – from 64 percent. in September to 60 percent. in March. On the other hand, more and more employees in connection with the remote work would like to receive a pay rise. This is already expected by 42 percent. of those surveyed – by 7%. more than in september 2020. While 16 percent. would be interested in benefits such as the introduction of task-based work hours or access to appointments with an eye doctor, orthopedist or massage therapist.

Employees need psychological support and legal regulations

In the current tiring situation employees need from employers not only technical and financial support, but also psychological. Nearly 22 percent. respondents would like the company to provide them with the possibility of voluntary consultations with a psychologist. Nearly 6 percent. employers have recognized the problem and already provide such consultations.

The vast majority (84%) of respondents (14%) would like to use cloud services. of those surveyed agree that the conditions for remote work should be regulated in the Labour Code. The Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology has been working on amending the existing regulations and adapting them to remote working for a year now.

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