Remarketing – why you should implement it today

Remarketing – why you should implement it today?

If your goal is to increase sales in your online store, you need to switch to thinking outside the box. You think that the best strategy is to attract new traffic to your site? This is not always the best answer.

Why you should be interested in remarketing?

Acquiring a new customer can be even twice as expensive as keeping the one you already have. This sentence is the essence of what remarketing means for your store. It saves money, but also your time and is a reliable way to build brand awareness. Taking care of those customers who already trust you, or at least interested in your offer, you work on creating brand evangelists. Who they are? These are the customers who pass on „the good news” about your business and thus increase your reach. They share your content, interact positively in social media, and most importantly – buy. If you’re looking for an answer to the question How to increase sales in online store, you should especially „pamper them” and work on attracting the attention of people who already know you – at least fleetingly, having visited your store once.

Remarketing – how to get started?

Before you start proper remarketing activities, you should do a good audit of how users behave when they visit your website. You’ll find Google Analytics useful for this purpose, but perhaps conducting A/B testing as well. Your goal is to find out at which step potential customers abandon their shopping carts, as well as to find the so called “missing links”. „dead ends” i.e. pages from which users visiting your store cannot go any further, so they…close the browser window.

While tracking the habits of those who don’t make purchases on your site is most informative for the future, checking the buying habits of those who have completed a transaction can also be helpful. With a high volume of purchases, you might be tempted to prepare a customer survey to find out what they think could be improved in the shopping process.

The last thing to do is to make sure that the website(s) to which you intend to direct traffic from remarketing activities is fully functional, navigable, intuitive and meets the shopping needs of the people you are targeting.

Let’s get down to business! Remarketing in practice

Remarketing actions are based on tracking people who have already been to your store and displaying them tailored ads. There is no one specific advertising format that is worthy of recommendation – we conduct such activities on Facebook, YouTube, Google search and on Instagram. There are plenty of ideas how to use this technology and in fact you are limited only by your imagination. You can, for example. When targeting people who have visited a specific product in your store twice, send them information about a discount code valid for 24 hours. It is very effective, especially in clothing stores, to „heat up” the atmosphere by informing that only the last pieces of a specific product are left. If someone has added something to their cart but has not completed the transaction – a fun ad reminding them of the „waiting” product can encourage them to complete the purchase process.

Remarketing technology gives you endless ways on how to boost your online store sales. Ingenious creations, consistent with the tone of voice of your brand, can significantly improve your shopping results – research shows that it is currently the most effective form of advertising on the Internet. If you’re taking your first steps in this field, you might want to take advantage of the dynamic formats offered by Google and Facebook – both platforms allow you to create an automatic banner showing the items your potential customer has recently visited. You do not need to have advanced knowledge and graphic skills to convince yourself of the power of remarketing – and if you want to go to the next level, you can always use the services of professionals.

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