Why advertise on LinkedIn

Why advertise on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has long ceased to be just a portal for finding jobs or business contacts. However, as the LinkedIn ad network continues to grow, marketers are finding it to be a great tool for their business. Find out why you should start advertising on LinkedIn.

Get ahead of the competition

Using LinkedIn’s advertising network is not yet as popular in Poland as Facebook Ads, for example. This makes the competition among advertisers still low enough that the chance of reaching potential customers is significantly increased. High visibility of ads and possibility of using such formats as InMail also allow for better return on investment. It’s a good idea to start blazing the advertising trail on LinkedIn and take full advantage of the platform before it becomes more popular and attracts competition.

Reach out to people in specific positions and industries

LinkedIn user profiles provide up-to-date information about their careers and the companies they work for. No other platform at this point in time gives advertisers the opportunity to so precisely reach people representing specific industries in specific companies in specific positions. For B2B marketers, it’s an extremely valuable medium to get hot leads from key decision makers in companies. If you’re one of them, be sure to test out LinkedIn Ads’ capabilities in this area.

Precisely target advertising campaigns

However, positions, companies and industries are not the only targeting possibilities on LinkedIn. The service makes it possible to reach recipients who have strictly specified skills. Matching advertising messages to competencies allows even better promotion of B2B services and products. This makes LinkedIn Ads a real paradise for marketers whose task is to advertise a specific offer, aimed at a fairly narrow group of people who may be – from the perspective of their professional development – potentially interested in it. It’s not just about all kinds of courses, training, software, etc., The service also offers services that help save time (e.g. In the B2B sector, decisions are rarely made on impulse (e.g., catering) or comfort products (e.g. specialized office chairs).

Get remarketing opportunities

In the B2B sector, decisions are rarely made on impulse. Usually in-depth analysis and comparison of offers beforehand. Only after gathering enough information and being sure that the choice will actually be a good one, you make your decision. This is mainly because products and services aimed at this sector are not cheap and their purchase is treated not as a cost but as an investment. LinkedIn provides advertisers with an Insight Tag, which is a code they can implement on their site to collect remarketing data and measure conversions. This means that by advertising on this site you can reach your audience with extended campaigns and effectively convince them that your offer is worth taking advantage of.

LinkedIn is an excellent advertising platform for B2B marketers who want their messages to reach a precisely defined audience with a high level of decision-making and often a large wallet. It’s worth testing all its possibilities – if you need support in this topic, contact specialists from SEM/SEO Marketing Match agency!

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