What to follow when buying a smartwatch

What to consider when buying a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a device that combines a smartphone with a special agent, the ultimate daily assistant. It is a symbol of the 21st century: personal trainer, notepad, parent and personal advisor hidden in a few centimeters. Smartwatches undoubtedly make life easier, but what should guide you when choosing your ideal digital partner?

The essentials of a smartwatch

When deciding to buy an original smartwatch, it is worth paying attention to the needs that guide us in the first place. An athlete, a child, a grandparent, a woman – for each of these people completely different functions of the watch will be important. It’s a good idea to ask yourself some questions at the beginning like: “what do I do on a daily basis”, “what are my requirements for the watch”, “how often do I train”, “which functions are crucial” and so on. The above questions should also be addressed to people to whom you want to give a smartwatch. However, we should focus most attention on the materials used to make the watch, because it must be solid and durable. Other features can be selected further down the line.

Suunto Suunto 9 Baro – in sporty style

If sport is your passion and you train regularly, the Suunto Suunto 9 Baro smartwatch is the perfect choice for you. What characterizes it? In particular, a robust design. A durable yet delicate material was used for the envelope and strap, which guarantees the comfort of wearing the watch. A special sapphire glass is used to protect the screen, which provides the highest level of protection against scratches. Smartwatch is equipped with a number of useful functions for the athlete. With it you can easily measure your heart rate, simulate a race, check your cycling or running dynamics. You’ll also use the device to determine the so-called “smartwatch. Lactate threshold, which is the level of intensity of your workout, after which you can get DOMS (popular soreness). This Suunto 9 Baro model is especially dedicated to people who are preparing for long distance runs and marathons.

The watch also has many universal functions, useful not only for athletes. You can easily sync it with your smartphone to receive and send important notifications. The device also has a built-in pedometer and calorie counter, which allows you to control your daily activity and diet, while the sleep monitor will give you data on your sleep activity. The smartwatch also lets you create your own workout schedule and share your progress with the dedicated Suunto app.

In short: this model is a great choice for active people with a sporty lifestyle. In addition, it is available at a very attractive price compared to other sports smartwatches.

Modern and masculine – the Emporio Armani Connected smartwatch

The Emporio Armani brand is known not only for its stylish fashion collections, but also for perfumes and accessories of the highest class. The designer has also recently been a member of the watch market, tailoring its offerings to smartwatch fans as well. Why the Emporio Armani smartwatch is special?

This is mainly due to the design of the device. It combines both casual, sporty style and classic elegance. Strap made of flexible, rubber material is enriched with original indentations or steel bracelet in trendy colors, add spice to the whole design. The color scheme of the aluminum envelope has been kept in shades of black, silver or turquoise, making these watches look extremely stylish but not cliché. Suitable for both elegant and sporty style. The fashion house has also taken care of the functionality of its smartwatches. They feature Wear OS by Google, bluetooth, a touchscreen display, the popular Google Fit app, and many features useful during workouts. In addition, the devices allow you to control your music player, pay in-store with NFC, monitor your heart rate and count your steps. We can also check our daily calorie balance, weather forecast, or chat with Google assistant.

The Emporio Armani Connected smartwatch is the perfect smartwatch for active men who like fashion and technological innovations.

Rubicon Smartwach – for a real bussiness woman

Rubicon Smartwatch is a series of models perfect for women on the go who need a device to help them plan their day. These watches are not only unique in terms of aesthetics, but also technology. What makes them stand out? Above all, they are universal and extremely feminine. Protected by a flexible mineral glass, the screen is enclosed in a stainless steel envelope. The whole device is placed on a leather strap or steel mesh bracelet. All this in an elegant color scheme. Rubicon Smartwatch is an accessory that will complement any women’s style, regardless of the circumstances.

Of course Rubicon Smartwatch is not only a beautiful design, but also a whole range of helpful functions. The smartwatch features a heart rate monitor, pedometer, stopwatch, sleep monitor and 9 different workout modes to help every woman keep fit. In addition, these devices also feature a monitor for physiological phases, menstruation and pill timing (e.g. hormonal). The watch can be connected to both Android and iOS.

In short: Rubicon Smartwatch is the perfect assistant and stylish accessory for every woman who likes to be not only well-dressed but also well organized.

Smartwatch Diesel ON – street rebel

The Diesel ON smartwatch is a great choice for those who prefer streetwear style. These smartwatches do not have overcomplicated workout options, however they are modern and extremely functional. What’s special about them? First of all, distinctive design. Diesel ON is maintained in bold colors. Both the case and the strap with the producer’s name catch the eye at once. This proposal is not likely to fit into an elegant style. This series is dedicated to people who prefer urban and casual style. What functions the Diesel ON smartwatch offers us? It features Wear by Google, which allows users to use Google Pay, Google Assistant, apps from the Google Play store, bluetooth or control the music player, among other options. The device also has a pedometer, calorie counter and a continuously updated weather forecast. Diesel On is also useful for training, but this is not its main purpose. This is a great offer for people who like to enjoy life, but sport is not the only form of activity for them.

To sum up: choosing a Diesel ON smartwatch we should be guided by both its functions and quality of workmanship. It is also a good idea to seek opinions about a particular model online. Knowing what kind of device we need, we just need to find the one with the best price, buy it and enjoy our new gadget.

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