Interest in dating apps increased during the pandemic.

Interest in dating apps has increased during the pandemic

According to a just-released report by Spicy Mobile agency titled. “Dating apps”, which was prepared based on data on the activity of Badoo, Sympathy and Tinder users, interest in virtual dating increased during the pandemic. The range of popular applications has increased, as has the frequency of use.

According to Match Group, owner of During the pandemic, dating apps saw an increase in downloads and subscriptions. Revenue from Tinder alone was $1.4 billion last year, an 18% year-over-year increase. As Match Group controls more than 60% of the global dating app market, it can be concluded that the pandemic has encouraged singles around the world to engage in virtual dating. How do Poles fare against this background? Did we turn to dating apps during the pandemic, in line with the global trend, as those places that allowed you to meet new people and interact with others? The answers are provided by the latest “Dating apps” report, prepared by mobile marketing agency Spicy Mobile. It captured data for three popular dating apps in Poland: Badoo, Tinder and Sympatia.

Interest in dating apps increased

Interest in dating apps increased during the pandemic, according to the report. Over the past two years, the highest reach was recorded last spring: during the first lockdown (for Tinder and Sympatia apps) and right after (Badoo app). There was also an increase in the number of first-screen calls for each of the apps analyzed, significant especially for Badoo. In the period from March 2019. until March 2021. The average number of first screen calls for this application has quadrupled from 50 to 200 per day. At its peak – i.e. in november last.r. – users run Badoo on average as many as 400 times per day.

Virtual dating more frequent, but shorter

Although in the aftermath of the pandemic, many dating apps have seen solutions for more realistic online dating, such as Tinder launching in-app video calls, the increase in user activity has not translated into greater user engagement. Spicy Mobile data shows that users spent less time looking at dating apps for a few minutes. This conclusion is confirmed by analyses of the average duration of one session. In 2020. The average number of minutes spent in Badoo, Sympatia and Tinder apps at one time oscillated between 2 and 5 minutes. For comparison, in 2019. at its peak, in May, it was as high as 22 minutes. Generally, the period before COVID-19 was characterized by big jumps when it comes to time spent in dating applications. Over the course of the pandemic, the time figures have evened out.

The Spicy Mobile report also shows what days users of popular dating apps spend the most time in them. In the case of Tinder, the popular days in Poland are Wednesday and Monday. People who use the Sympatia app spend most time online dating on Sundays. Dating apps are used the longest by users at night, and during the day at. 18:00.

Dating app users tend to be male

Regardless of the application analyzed, the structure of users by gender looks similar. More men than women use Badoo, Sympatia and Tinder in Poland (57% to 43% respectively). The structure of users by age is different. The youngest people are attracted to Tinder – as many as 44% of the users of this app are aged 15-24. Twenty- and 30-year-olds, on the other hand, reach for Badoo and Sympatia: 36% of Badoo users and 42% of Sympathy users are aged 25-34. Sympathy, the mobile app report says, is also popular among users 45 and older (31%).

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