Cloud services not only for large companies.

Cloud services not only for large companies

Cloud for business is a solution that more and more companies. The digital acceleration that has occurred In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies saw real benefits from cloud services. What?

What is a public cloud?

Cloud services are solutions that are able to realistically improve productivity, work efficiency, and also optimize costs. Continuous digital development actually forces the need to move to the cloud. And contrary to appearances, this really is not a solution that should be used only by large corporations. Also in small and medium-sized businesses cloud solutions allow you to eliminate a lot of everyday problems.

Public clouds are the most popular business solutions. The cloud service provider provides your company and your designated users with the appropriate resources. This includes the entire IT infrastructure associated with cloud services, as well as storage and servers. Such a cloud in the company can serve for example. to store documents or applications. You reduce the need for local servers, relieve the burden on them, and at the same time reduce the cost of their operation. At the same time you provide access to data to designated employees regardless of what they are currently working in. This model is perfect even for partial remote work, project work, when a large group of people working in different models, from different locations, at different times should have access to data. Such a service also encourages faster digitization, digitizing documents, reducing the traditional archive.

Cloud in the company can also be used to create a development and deployment environment used by many developers. Depending on your needs you can choose between Saas – software as a service, i.e. access to applications and memory online or IaaS – infrastructure as a service and PaaS – platform as a service, i.e. solutions designed for hosting and programming activities.

Advantages of public cloud

Most companies opt for cloud services for two reasons. The first is of course cost optimization. Flexible billing with the provider allows you to control costs and pay for real resources used. The public cloud is also a much cheaper solution than keeping everything on your own servers, which you have to first pay for, then buy software for them, pay for configuration, and then also take care of their maintenance. On this occasion, it is worth mentioning that cloud services are often also professional expert support in case something happens. It is an invaluable solution for companies that do not have their own IT at all or the department is very small. Using a public cloud you can also optimize the cost of IT staff, and as we all know, good engineers are really valuable. At the end of the day, it is also important not to have a long-term commitment or investment.

The second central reason for interest in cloud services is the guarantee of global access for every user. Companies are opening themselves up to very different working models in this way, largely remote or semi-remote working (all indications are that after Covid-19 this will continue to be a very popular solution). Cloud allows you to provide employees with constant access to your systems, applications and data. It speeds up work, facilitates data management, working on large collections, but also the daily management of the smallest projects.

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