E-commerce ranking. Where and how do Poles do their shopping.

Ranking of e-commerce companies. Where and how Poles shop

Poles’ spending in online stores grows fastest in Europe. More than half already spend more than 300 zł a month in this way, and nearly 10 percent. Even more than 1000 PLN per month, according to report by by ExpertSender. Polish Internet users write a lot about buying online. Marketplaces are the most popular in conversations, such as. Allegro, OLX or Vinted. Among multibrand stores, the most popular are those with clothes and accessories, such as Zalando and Domodi.

Poles and online shopping

Pandemic time proved to be a turning point for Polish e-commerce. According to the report “Online shopping in Poland 2020” developed by ExpertSender, a Polish company that supports brands in data-driven marketing automation, 70 percent of online purchases are already made online. Poles. Half of them spend more than 300 PLN a month on them, and 8.2 percent of. even more than 1000 PLN per month. According to the analysis of the Internet with the SentiOne Listen application, in the last 12 months, the phrase “online shopping” reached a reach of 517 million impressions, of which 480 million came from web portals, blogs and forums, and 37 million – from posts and discussions on social networks. Among the latter, Facebook reigns supreme with a reach of 28 million impressions, followed by Twitter – 9 million. Nearly 60 percent of. of those discussing online shopping are men. The hashtags “fashion” and “shopping” are frequently repeated.

Polish spending in e-shops is growing fastest in Europe – in 2020. Poles spent 31% of their income in this way. more than in the previous year. – Krzysztof Jarecki, CEO of ExpertSender &#8211 comments; After the pandemic, some consumers will probably return to more frequent stationary shopping, if only for a change.

The most popular online stores are marketplaces

From what Poles write in social media, on blogs, forums and portals, it appears that they like shopping in marketplace stores the most, i.e. online marketplaces, where many suppliers sell their products. Over the last year Polish internet users wrote most often about Vinted, a second-hand store where anyone can list clothes and accessories they no longer want – over 1.6 million mentions and. In second place was Allegro – over 1.2 million mentions. In third place, but with much lower popularity, was Amazon – nearly 451 thousand. mentions. Next is OLX (384.5 thousand. mentions) and AliExpress (304.5 thousand. mentions).

Interestingly, it looks completely different if we look at the reach, that is the level of reaching of these mentions – then Allegro is in first place, with a reach of almost 2 179 million recipients. Amazon comes second (924 million), followed by OLX (758 million), AliExpress (623 million) and Vinted (256 million).

Multibrand stores are dominated by those with clothing and electronics

As far as multibrand platforms are concerned, i.e. platforms selling products of various companies, their popularity does not differ depending on whether we look at the number of mentions or their reach. In first place is Zalando, with 119 thousand. In terms of reach, Domodi comes in second with almost 108 million mentions and 85 million reach. Next in line is Eobuwo (53.6 thousand mentions and reach of 222 million). mentions and 67 million reach), Allani (45.3 thousand. mentions and 46 million reach) and Answear (18.7 thousand. mentions and 28 mln reach).

Among the multibrand stores operating not only online but also in stationary stores, those offering electronics and household appliances dominate. In terms of both the number of mentions and reach, RTV EURO AGD enjoys the highest popularity (584 thousand. mentions and 678 million reach). As far as the number of mentions is concerned, x-kom comes second (441.5 thousand).), and third – Media Expert (354.4 thousand.) In terms of reach, on the other hand, Media Expert is in a higher position – 334 million. X-kom has a reach of 311 million. In fourth place is Media Markt – 134.8 thousand. mentions and 115 million reach.

Among D2C brands the most popular is Ikea

Among D2C brands (i.e. direct-to-customer brands that sell without intermediaries) the most popular among Internet users is Ikea – 453.5 thousand mentions and. mentions and 808 mln audience reach. The second most popular is Zara – 260 thousand. mentions and 515 million reach. Also in third place is fashion brand – H&M – 106.3 thousand. mentions and reach of 222 million. The next two places are taken by drugstores – Rossmann and SuperPharm. Rossmann is mentioned more often by Internet users (34.3 thousand. mentions compared to 30.8 thousand.), while mentions of SuperPharm had a greater reach (53 million compared to 33 million).

The phenomenon of shifting everyday activities to the Internet will continue, and the role of stationary stores will shift towards showrooms, where customers will watch products but buy them online later. – summarizes Krzysztof Jarecki – Therefore, store owners should think in advance about investing in the development of e-commerce and take care of its advertising on the basis of reliable analysis of information about their current and potential customers.

The analysis of e-commerce ranking among Polish Internet users was conducted for the period March 2020 – March 2021 using Polish SentiOne tool.

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