Too high requirements of employers are the biggest problem for those looking for their first job in IT.

Too high requirements of employers the biggest problem for those looking for their first job in IT

Beginners in the IT industry, or the so-called. Juniors, actively looking for their first job or an opportunity to gain new, consecutive experience. However, as it turns out, they hit some obstacles during this search. As shown by the first results of the study “Junior Candidate Experience 2021” conducted by No Fluff Jobs, in 62 percent of. of advertisements addressed to them still lack information about remuneration, and 67% of respondents said that their first job was too demanding. The respondents claim that employers’ requirements for newcomers to the industry are too high – mainly in terms of knowledge of the relevant technologies.

Offers not matched with experience

No Fluff Jobs data shows that the IT market now places higher demands on beginners – as much as 67% (the number continues to grow). surveyed. According to them, the most mismatched elements to the proposed position is, above all, the required technology (61%).The main problem for those looking for their first IT job is the lack of knowledge of technology (43%) and the tasks at the workplace (43%).). Interestingly, the smallest number of respondents (31%) said that their job adverts were “too demanding”. indicated the salary range as one of these elements.

– The demand for technological solutions, which definitely increased during the pandemic, made the market even more than before need highly qualified specialists – especially IT. Hence, it’s harder for juniors to break through and find employment – says Tomasz Bujok, CEO of No Fluff Jobs. – It should be remembered, however, that juniors with time become experts and it is worth investing in them. Therefore, as a strategic partner, we participate in free online job fairs IT Future3 on 25-26 May. We encourage everyone to participate who wants to become visible for recruiters and establish contacts with companies that are open to beginners in the IT industry.

Determined beginners in the industry. Not salaries, but technologies are most important at the beginning of the career in IT

No Fluff Jobs, a portal with job offers for the IT industry, decided to check what matters most in advertisements – both for people who are just looking for their first job in IT and those who already have first professional experience in it. It turns out that for the first group, it is not the salary range, but the required technologies – indicated as many as 86 percent of. respondents. This was followed by issues such as workplace location (72 percent.) and the tasks of the offered position (71% of the.). The salary range was indicated by just over 60 percent. and were only ranked fourth. For the second group, the more experienced ones, the most important turned out to be forking (84 percent.), but just two percent fewer (82%).) indicated the required technology, and in third place were the tasks of the offered position (71 percent.). And as it turns out, however, their expectations don’t always match reality – according to them, as many as 62 percent. employers do not include salary information in their ads, and 41 percent. tasks assigned to a position. When it comes to technology, on the other hand, they say it’s missing from more than a quarter of ads.

Release of the full “Junior Candidate Experience 2021” report coming soon

How do juniors recall the recruitments they took part in? What form of testing of knowledge and skills did they encounter? Which they consider the most effective, and which they would prefer to eliminate? What are the most common mistakes recruiters make? Answers to these questions and more can be found in the full version of the “Junior Candidate Experience 2021” report, which will be released in June.

The current survey results were compiled on a sample of 1203 participants (IT beginners) based on an online questionnaire (CAWI).

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