The wind of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will be the future for developers.

The world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will be the future for developers

Big money and an influx of offers will soon be waiting for brave bitcoin developers. This is what Jimmy Nguyen, president of the Bitcoin Association, predicts. In his opinion, the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will be the future for developers and will open many new career paths.

Bitcoin is the most popular of the cryptocurrencies and its prototype. It is a digital currency that was entirely based on blockchain technology, a decentralized, distributed digital ledger of information dot. of online transactions. The data is secured by advanced cryptographic algorithms, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized people to access it. Bitcoin has become one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies in the world, with the value of a single digital coin already exceeding 200,000. PLN and is growing steadily.

The bitcoin cryptocurrency was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009., to give users total control over their finances. Bitcoin is not subject to state control or regulation, there is no centralized bank behind it, and its value depends only on the law of supply and demand. May 22, 2010. first time a payment was made via bitcoin. At the time, 10,000 digital currency was used to buy two pizzas. Then 10 thousand. Bitcoin had a price tag of $40. Today, after 11 years, it is the equivalent of approx. $547 million – says Marcin Wituś, CEO of Polish exchange platform Geco.Tinder is a digital asset trading application owned by the Polish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce.

Blockchain, on which bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as. Ethereum, however, has more capabilities and applications than creating digital means of payment. Technology blocks store transaction and user information as a one-way list of records. Blockchain is also used m.In. For creating a digital identity or secure and transparent online voting. American billionaire Jeffrey Berns even has plans to create an entire futuristic city based on blockchain technology. While the idea seems crazy, the CEO of Blockchains LLC is already in talks with the state of Nevada.

Bitcoin developer – an occupation with a future

It is because of the numerous possibilities and wide application of blockchain and the great interest in cryptocurrencies that the profession of bitcoin developer will soon be in demand. This trend is noticed by Jimmy Nguyen, president of the Swiss company Bitcoin Association, which deals with business development in blockchain technology. He claims that the market will soon see an extremely high demand for new positions for the cryptocurrency-related IT industry. According to Nguyen, the world is moving more and more towards the efficient use of payments and personal data that will make it possible to make use of micropayments even smaller than one cent. The president of the Bitcoin Association also argues for making use of innovative business functions, such as smart contracts or real-time tokenization of assets.

Nguyen notes that the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will open new doors for careers across a cross-section of industries. In addition to software developers, there will soon be an increased need for researchers, analysts or financial and tax advisors and advisers, specializing strictly in digital assets and blockchain. Jimmy Nguyen believes that careers in the new market segment will be built by those who already start learning how bitcoin works. According to him, it is more than making digital transactions or building applications that run on blockchain. Nguyen sees bitcoin as key to understanding the entire network protocol that intertwines data and monetary value and provides a platform for growth beyond the internet – says Marcin Wituś, CEO of

So how to become a bitcoin developer? Bitcoin Association president argues that knowledge of digital currency and blockchain system is most important. Understanding that it’s not just a payment system, but a whole massive data network with detailed information. Nguyen’s company, by the way, is responsible for the BItcoin SV Academy platform, which offers free courses for people who want to learn what cryptocurrency is and how blockchain technology works – from both the purely technical and business side.

Bitcoin developers can count on tax breaks

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are also worth taking an interest in from the side of any financial obligations related to running a company. Blockchain developers may qualify for IP BOX relief for innovative businesses, which provides income tax reduction of up to 5%.

New technologies are key to driving innovation in economies around the world. This was also noticed by the Polish government, which introduced the relief for companies and entrepreneurs dealing with new technologies. IP BOX relief allows to pay the reference 5% CIT/PIT rate with regard to income from qualified intellectual property rights. All companies whose goal is to research and develop innovative technologies are subject to it. Therefore, programmers, scientists or inventors will benefit from it. Our practice shows that in order to obtain a positive opinion, it is required to collect appropriate arguments and the whole process based on obtaining an interpretation takes about 3-4 months – says Marek Czyżewski, CEO of, one of the largest Polish websites providing legal services for business over the Internet.

People from outside of IT industry can also benefit from IP BOX relief. It also applies to patents or companies that have registered their own medicinal product. Scientists who registered new plant varieties or animal breeds are also eligible for tax relief.

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