What are the most common iPhone malfunctions

What are the most common iPhone failures?

There is no denying that iPhones are very popular. These are devices with very attractive technical parameters. However, we can distinguish several defects, which regularly appear in this equipment. Which iPhone malfunctions occur most frequently? Is it worth to repair a broken glass?? What to do when the battery doesn’t last? How to react to a possible flooding of the phone? Answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we invite all interested readers to read.

Cracked glass – is it worth repairing??

A quite common failure, not only in case of iPhones, is breaking the glass. It often happens that our equipment, sometimes worth hundreds of zlotys, falls out of our hands and onto the hard floor. Often, no film or tempered glass is able to cope with the shock wave. What to do if the glass of your smartphone is broken, but the display and the touch screen are working fine? Replacing the iPhone glass seems to be the best solution. We can opt for an original part, which is slightly more expensive, or a replacement, which will also work perfectly. In practice everything depends on our individual preferences. It is worth to visit Apple service and find out some details.

The battery does not last – what to do?

After some time of using the phone, it regularly happens that we have big problems with charging the battery or it discharges too fast. It is a big nightmare in case of iPhones. Large screens, and many applications mean that battery life is significantly reduced. In such cases the best solution seems to be iPhone battery replacement. Specialists will check what exactly is the problem of unpleasant incidents and will get rid of the fault in the shortest possible time. Also quite common is a damaged charging connector, the repair of which is a bit more problematic.

How to react when your phone is flooded?

What other defects appear relatively often? Unfortunately it is quite common for a device to be flooded, which happens in case of our carelessness. The most common place for this incident is a swimming pool, kitchen or bathroom. A moment of distraction is enough for iPhone to fall into the water tank. When such an unpleasant situation occurs, you should turn off the device as soon as possible and dry it from the outside. We can’t get the phone to work, otherwise it may short circuit or cause even more serious problems.

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