Virtual Hackathon CuValley Hack already on 11-13 June.

Virtual Hackathon CuValley Hack coming June 11-13

Prediction of tremors, potential failures of mining machines or stabilization of a flash furnace. KGHM invites programmers from all over Poland to creatively solve challenges during a virtual hackathon “CuValley Hack”. This is the first such event organised by a copper giant. The company is celebrating an anniversary this year: its 60th anniversary.

The event will be held on June 11-13 and the organizers are counting on the open minds of participants and original ideas of specialists.

  • I am very interested in the course and effects of the Hackathon “CuValley Hack”. This is the first hackathon organized by KGHM, and participants will face three major challenges based on data analysis and creation of predictive models. I am convinced that the prize pool of PLN 100 thousand and the opportunity to cooperate with a global innovative giant will be attractive to programmers says Marcin Chludziński, President of KGHM.

President Marcin Chludziński added that KGHM is committed to innovation and is looking for pioneering solutions. – We are open to ideas from outside KGHM. We are piloting the Copper Valley program to facilitate dialogue with innovators and startups. Hackathon is one of the elements of the program – emphasizes KGHM President.

A 40-hour programming marathon

CuValley Hack participants will program for 40 hours to create inspiring and practical copper-related projects. The activities of creative volunteers will focus on data analysis and the use of AI, Machine Learning or BigData in industrial automation systems. In practice, the solutions developed are expected to reduce failure rates in SMG machines, stabilize the operation of the flash furnace, and support shock prediction. More about the tasks and solutions sought, on hackathon website.

CuValley Hack – within reach of your keyboard

To join the hackathon, all you need to do is register for the event. First 100 confirmed participants will receive GiftPack – a surprise. CuValley Hack participants can work on ideas alone or with a team. Individuals/teams with the best projects in a category will perform on a virtual stage and participate in a Q session&And live.

Join the hackathon and gain knowledge!

CuValley Hack is not only a hackathon – it’s also a rich agenda of thematic webinars, talks by Keynote Speakers and a powerful dose of knowledge in a nutshell. All this is to serve as inspiration for the participants of the event. There will also be additional activities, competitions and networking.

Why copper is important?

Copper is widely used in various sectors of the economy and plays a key role in the development of innovative industries. It is the basis of energetic innovation, especially the so-called. “green energy”, which today accounts for as much as ¼ of the world’s energy. The demand for copper’s unique properties is growing, while its natural resources are relatively small.

Poland is one of the most important countries in the world in terms of copper deposits, and thanks to KGHM also mining red metal.

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