A post-paid phone is a way to have a cheap smartphone.

Subscription phone is a way to get a cheap smartphone

A new smartphone is a one-off expense that can be very hard on your wallet. But there is a simple way to spread the cost over small installments paid by subscription with a mobile operator.

Operators are competing with each other in new promotions to attract as many new customers as possible to their networks. One of the more popular solutions is to reduce the price of a smartphone, which becomes the property of the customer with the signing of a subscription contract. You can have a new device for as little as a few PLN.

Why it is worth having a post-paid phone?

Pay-as-you-go phones can cost very little when you decide to sign a contract with a mobile operator. A good example is the Red Bull MOBILE network. With this operator, the latest post-paid phone can be had for six zlotys. The ability to purchase online allows you to order your dream smartphone without leaving your home. Phone delivery by courier to the indicated address. Another bonus in this network are the flexible offers of internet packages. Unused gigabytes carry over to the next month and are added to the basic package.

Deciding on a smartphone for a few zlotys, you should be aware that for this amount you will not buy the latest high-end models. However, for just a few dozen extra zlotys we can have a high-end phone, equipped with an excellent quality camera and fast processor.

What conditions must be met to own a high-performance smartphone? We are obliged to sign a contract for at least several months. It can be from one year to even three years. During this time the customer will have to pay the bills regularly. The contract guarantees that no matter what the circumstances, the price of the service will not increase. The shape of the contract can be adjusted to your conditions. Gone are the days when operators’ offers were dominated by high prices and inflexible tariffs. Currently, as part of special promotions for small amounts we can use free minutes for calls, gigabytes of data, as well as free SMS and MMS.

What else you can gain by buying a pre-paid phone?

It is extremely important that during the duration of the contract the cost of the service does not change. This means that you can spend a fixed monthly amount on phone services. The amount of the contract can be adjusted to the size of your wallet by setting the number of free minutes and the data access limit. For small values, monthly costs can be as low as several dozen PLN. When using the service we do not have to worry that, as in the case of a prepaid card, during a conversation or using the Internet we will suddenly run out of money. Significantly, many operators have offers for new users more favorable than those for people renewing their contracts. It is worth keeping this in mind when approaching the end of the contract and well check with competitors what they can offer us at the moment.

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