Allergy apps that make life easier.

Allergy apps that make life easier

Allergy can be defined as a pathological response of tissues to the impact of various foreign substances, which in medicine are called allergens. This condition can be mild, as in the case of a runny nose or tearing, up to life-threatening anaphylactic shock or even death. Mobile app developers are meeting this by creating software that helps allergy sufferers.

immediate reaction and late reaction

Instant reaction is the body’s automatic response to an allergen. The intensity and nature of the reaction varies widely, and may be local, with hives or itching. It can also involve the entire body, resulting in anaphylactic shock, which is directly life-threatening. Allergens that most often cause violent reactions are antibiotics, especially penicillin, insect venoms, mainly bees, wasps and hornets, nuts, fish, latex and foreign proteins – for example, immune sera. The delayed reaction is far less well known, occurring in about 50% of the allergic population. It is similar to the immediate reaction, but reaches its peak from about 6-10 hours after exposure to the allergen and disappears after 12-24 hours. The reaction may affect the skin, mucous membranes, upper or lower respiratory tract (bronchi, lungs).

Allergy Symptoms

  • nose – mucosal swelling, rhinitis, itchy nose, watery nasal discharge and sneezing attacks and blocked nose;
  • eyes – conjunctivitis, tearing, burning, redness;
  • respiratory tract – wheezing, bronchospasm, difficulty breathing, cough without features of acute infection, sometimes a full-blown asthma attack;
  • skin – rashes of various kinds, eczema (eczema), hives, swelling-like; insect sting;
  • head – Common headaches, feeling of heaviness.

Plant pollen calendar in Poland

Plant pollen is one of the most common allergens because its grains are coated with proteins that can cause allergic reactions. A characteristic of allergic conditions caused by allergens is the seasonality of symptoms. The reason for this is the pollen season:

  • grass, sorrel May to September;
  • birch April;
  • Mugwort July through September;
  • hazel February;
  • alder February through March;
  • poplar from March to April;
  • ash April;
  • oak April/May;
  • plantain, nettle May to September;
  • comosa June through September;
  • ragweed August and September;
  • Cladosporium (fungus) – year-round, but increased pollen counts occur from May through September;
  • Alternaria (fungus) from April to November (the highest pollen counts are recorded from June to September).

Undoubtedly, the following can help during these periods mobile applications, which help allergic persons to function during the pollen season.

The best mobile apps for allergy sufferers

“Don’t sneeze” is a mobile application designed for people who are struggling with allergies. Software helps to check the pollen counts in the following areas. “Don’t sneeze” requires an account. When registering, choose whether you are an allergist or a doctor. In the case of the former, the app will ask you to enter data such as your name, surname, email address and tick off plants that may cause adverse reactions. The “doctor” option needs to be verified to prevent abuse.

A similar application to the one mentioned above is the application “Apsik!”. The software features a well-designed interface where every allergy sufferer can find information on pollen counts, air pollution and weather. Once your location is available, the app keeps you informed about the pollen count of each plant, and this data automatically are taken from the measuring stations of the Centre for Environmental Allergen Research. “Don’t Sneeze”, as well as “Apsik!” also provide a database of doctor’s offices that provide allergy services. With this second application, we can even make an appointment. Both software applications offer the possibility of keeping a diary, where you can enter allergy-related data – for example, you can monitor whether the medication prescribed by a specialist relieves your complaints. Noteworthy is the fact that the data can be compressed and exported to PDF, which will facilitate the visit to the allergy clinic.

“Zyrtec AllergyCast” is a free app for iOS and Android developed by a pharmaceutical company that produces cold and allergy remedies. Software helps minimize symptoms by tracking the daily pollen index and letting you know when pollen concentrations are high in the air. The app also displays hourly and ten-day weather and allergy forecasts.

Apps help with more than just allergies

“Breathe Easy” is your partner in the fight against allergies and asthma. The system provides useful information about anaphylactic shock and other symptoms and effects that allergy sufferers may experience. After selecting the region of residence, the software sends pollen messages for the selected location. The symptom log allows you to keep a systematic overview of your allergies. Pollen Map is a specially designed system that allows you to check the concentration of allergens in selected parts of Poland. Additionally, the application has a locator of medical facilities in the nearest vicinity with a function of a telephone call to a selected point.

Noteworthy is the “notify loved ones” option, which allows in case of a shock to immediately call the European emergency number, or a previously selected person. Allergens are not just pollen, but also ingredients in foods such as nuts and fish. The following application is also worth mentioning “CaraCare”, which allows you to manage your diet. The system helps people with digestive problems like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. By tracking your diet every day, you can avoid products to which you are allergic.

The application also offers conversations with dieticians and nutrition experts, allows you to construct a nutrition plan and also offers numerous quizzes and exercises. The developers of the software have been certified as a medical product in the European Union.

Mobile applications for allergy sufferers They may not be as well known as other software – for example for diet selection. Nevertheless, they can effectively Reduce your allergy symptoms, and make everyday life easier for those suffering from such ailments.

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