Clubhouse trapped – a competitive service from Twitter.

Clubhouse trapped – competitive service from Twitter

The Clubhouse app is a social network that was launched in April 2020. Its creators – Paul Davison and Rohan Seth have created a communication channel available only on iOS. It can only be used by invitation from another user. It is used for conversations and discussions without the use of camera image. The application has gained recognition of respected experts in the media industry.

Clubhouse sets mobile trends

Enjoying rapid popularity, the app has begun to attract the attention of other players in the market. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Slack Technologies have all taken an interest in this way of communicating and have started to introduce such options on their services.

Twitter has taken an interest in the app and has been in talks with Clubhouse about a hypothetical acquisition of the drop-in audio platform, a chat service that allows short voice messages. During business negotiations the amount of 4 million dollars was proposed. Talks had been going on for several months, but for unknown reasons they were discontinued, and neither party has confirmed the news.

Clubhouse has recently announced that it is interested in attracting new investors, and the value of cooperation is expected to oscillate around 4 million dollars. Most likely, the search for an investor was to take place after talks with Twitter broke down.

The rise of the microblogging service

Twitter already has a similar product to Clubhouse – we’re talking about Spaces, an audio chat feature that it has been gradually introducing to its user base over the past few months.

Recently, the microblogging giant has bought a platform to create newsletters – Revue. This move allows users to publish email notifications. The purchase is also expected to accelerate work on services that will help Twitter users stay up-to-date on news of interest to them, while giving writers the ability to monetize their audiences. As the social network emphasizes – thanks to a strong community of journalists and readers, Twitter has the opportunity to develop its features. Many renowned opinion makers have built their brands on Twitter. Revue’s launch on Twitter aims to enhance its offering and give content broadcasters a way to reach paying subscribers. On the other hand, it is supposed to encourage journalists to create even more interesting and engaging content that will drive traffic to Twitter.

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