5G network will help Poles in the crisis caused by COVID-19

5G network will help Poles in COVID-19 crisis?

5G technology has a real impact on the development of the economy, it is thanks to this system that we can recover faster from the crisis caused by the SARS CoV-2 virus. The infrastructure for this is being built in Poland, and the authorities are working on the legislation of the system. 5G technology in cybersecurity issues is partly regulated by a regulation that came into force on 30 December last year.

In many countries such as France, Germany, Greece and Austria auctions of frequencies have already been held some time ago. Such a move has enabled the early introduction of a new communications service. Poland is at the stage of defining network security requirements. Development of 5G connectivity will help in the development of high-speed Internet and digitization of economy. Many processes will be fully digitalized, which will undoubtedly accelerate production processes. Pandemic times have shown how important it is to develop ICT networks, and the introduction of 5G technology will further increase network capacity.

5G technology only for a select few?

It is undeniable that the 5G network will revolutionize the technology industry. Office of Electronic Communications plans to auction frequencies at 3.6 GHz. Infrastructure construction has begun, and operators have appropriated 5G as an advertising product. Telecommunications networks in their advertisements boast about the access to 5G technology, but if we focus on the coverage maps we can see that this service has a chance to work only in large cities, where telecommunications operators have the largest base of profitable customers. The problem lies in technical issues, the way 5G signals are transmitted requires a large number of relay devices that must be densely placed. Another problem is the mobile devices used by Internet users – the vast majority of customers do not have smartphones equipped with a system enabling them to receive 5G signals. It is offered only by the latest and most expensive phone models. According to researchers, 5G technology will be used in the high-tech industry for now.

Regulation and 5G

Legislative work on 5G technology and related cyber security is currently underway. Lawmakers are working on two pieces of legislation. Among other things, this includes amendments to the Act on the National Cyber Security System and changes to the Electronic Communications Law. In part, 5G technology in cybersecurity issues is regulated by a regulation that went into effect last December 30. It assumes independence of operators from one supplier of hardware and software.

Huawei and the development of 5G

Huawei executive Ryan Ding, in a meeting with media and analysts, announced that the Chinese giant has built more than 50 percent of commercial 5G networks. Such systems have already been implemented in over 140 countries in 59 countries worldwide. The company has also supported the operation of about 300 networks in more than 170 countries and helps operators deliver Internet services and optimize the impact of COVID-19 on their business. According to Huawei, the result of cooperation with operators is to attract 22 million new wireless users – allowing customers to quickly access online meetings or e-visits to doctors.

According to reports by IHS, P3, Open Signal and Meqyas, the best 5G networks in Seoul, Amsterdam, Madrid, Zurich, Hong Kong and Riyadh were built by Huawei.

The giant reported that there are currently more than 800,000 base stations set up by them in the world, and the number of 5G users reaches about 200 million.

Orlen is planning to invest in 5G

5G system has the potential to revolutionize the reality around us, however, undoubtedly, for now it is mainly in the hands of technology giants.

PKN Orlen is thinking about using 5G network in its industry. The company from PÅ‚ock plans to analyze the market and the 5G technology in terms of the cost of construction of infrastructure.As the oil company points out, the use of such networks will make the work of the production plant more efficient, autonomous and flexible. This invention will enable access to even more data and transfer it in real time without delay.

The use of technology will digitize the economy and provide increased bandwidth on the network, thus increasing the production of goods.

According to analysts, the development of 5G connectivity will help new equipment and service providers enter the market and catalyze the emergence of new technologies.

A special sector will be the Internet of Things (IoT). Internet of Things), which are devices that communicate with each other using Internet access. 5G will probably reach small towns and cities as demand emerges in regional and local markets, however this may not happen very quickly as we are talking about a sizable investment in data infrastructure.

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