Employers are tempting AI specialists. cyber security specialists with high salaries.

Employers are tempting specialists for the ICT sector. cyber security with high salaries

There is a shortage of specialists on the labor market. cybersecurity. Many new employees are needed in this fast-growing field. Unfortunately, it’s hard to close this gap, but the hope to solve this problem is through educational efforts. There are programs on the market that allow even beginners to become knowledgeable and certified professionals.

High demand for specialists

Cyber security is currently the fastest growing field in the ICT industry. With the increasing activity of cybercriminals, its importance has become crucial for companies in every sector. – Demand on the labor market for qualified IT specialists. Data protection has grown significantly, both in the private and public sectors – claims Jolanta Malak, Director of Fortinet in Poland.

In Poland, there are many new, state organizational units dealing with cybersecurity, which also lack adequately prepared staff. In accordance with the adopted Cyber Security Strategy of the Republic of Poland 2019-2024, computer security incident response teams have been established (CSIRT GOV, CSIRT MON, CSIRT NASK). More are planned, m.in. Industry security teams (e.g. CSIRT Telco), security operations centers (SOCs) at key service providers, and expert vulnerability, threat, and incident information sharing and analysis centers (ISACs). Experts estimate that the number of units engaged in digital preservation will soon double. The consequence of this will be an even higher demand for cyber security specialists. cybersecurity.

What you should know about working in cybersecurity

As a result of the increased activity of Internet users during the pandemic, such as remote working and mass e-purchasing, the activity of cybercriminals has also increased. As a result, there is a greater demand on the market for HCD specialists. cybersecurity. In addition, the competence gap makes it extremely easy to find employment in this area. Employers who seek such professionals are primarily large banks, technology companies and information security entities.

In Poland, employers are tempting cybersecurity professionals with. cyber security specialists with high salaries. According to data from the National Salary Survey of 2021., They earned on average between 6 and 12 thousand. PLN gross. IT security manager. IT security earns most often approx. 13 thousand. PLN 20 thousand gross, and ΒΌ of the highest earners receive more than PLN 20 thousand. gross.

It should be mentioned here that there are many professions and specializations in the field of IT security. As Aamir Lakhani and Jonas Walker, Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs experts explain, the task of e.g. threatresearcher is to find the source of the attack and understand how it was carried out. This means that when a criminal uses email to launch an attack, threatresearcher must discover which email inbox is at the beginning of the attack chain. In turn securitystrategist is responsible for creating strategies for securing IT environment, which requires combining knowledge from various fields.

New types of cyber threats, such as. popular in recent years attacks with the use of social engineering treatments, require professionals to constantly expand knowledge and develop skills in various fields, even law or psychology.

Certificate, or the first step to a career in cyber security

To bridge the skills gap, education is paramount. The problem with the shortage of specialists on the market can be tried to be solved in two ways. First: companies should invest in training for their existing employees who are interested in a career in cybersecurity. It is so easy that there are many free courses available on the market, thanks to which you can obtain relevant certificates. Secondly, companies and institutions dealing with IT security may establish cooperation with universities, which would educate specialists. This, however, requires adapting the course curriculum to current market requirements.

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