Yeedi 2 Hybrid – a new alternative to vacuum cleaners.

Yeedi 2 Hybrid – the new alternative to vacuum cleaners

Recently, the vacuum cleaner market has seen a lot of competition. Manufacturers offer classic cable-powered devices as well as wireless small vacuum cleaners. Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular. There are a lot of alternatives on the store shelves today, and customers are faced with many dilemmas when it comes to choosing equipment. For this reason, manufacturers have started to focus on specific details that will make their vacuum cleaner stand out from the rest. Some focus on increasing suction power, there are those who focus on the navigation system or focus on the self-emptying system. There remains one element that is a stumbling block for all manufacturers – battery life. This is what the developers of Yeedi Hybrid 2 have focused on. The manufacturers in this model have tried to optimize the power supply running time, thus achieving 200 minutes of use.

Product Specification

The contents of the box are no different from other vacuum cleaners, as the kit includes a robot, a docking station, two side brushes, a water and dust container and a mop for cleaning floors. Yeedi 2 Hybrid is very similar to other representatives of this category, but it is characterized by two important features that are hard to find in other machines. First of all, the whole structure is covered with a white polycarbonate coating, which makes dirt that could accumulate on the robot invisible. Visual SLAM technology was used to incorporate the camera, which significantly reduces the height of the duster, thus making it possible to reach the smallest corners of the home. The upper part of the robot opens up to allow trouble-free access to the power button, next to which there is a reset button for the device and a 430 ml dust container. The 240 ml water tank is located on the side of the vacuum cleaner. According to the manufacturer, this amount of water can clean more than 200 square meters. Underneath are two wheels that unfortunately tend to slip on damp surfaces and next to them are two rotating brushes, which is a big advantage of this model.

Application: intuitive and well designed

The robot is managed and controlled through a mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS users. The software is very well designed. After downloading the application, you need to create an account and connect it to the hardware. This is done by pointing the QR code at the robot’s camera, then the Wi-Fi connection will be initiated. Graphic interface is clear and navigation systems are precise. To set up virtual barriers and vacuum exclusion areas, run the equipment three times. Then you will be able to manage the vacuum cleaner – among other things, the areas it is supposed to service, the date and time of cleaning each part of the apartment. The app is fully integrated with digital assistants and allows you to control it with your voice, either with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

source: AppStore

Suction power and cleaning quality

The cleaning performance of the Yeedi 2 Hybrid is adequate in terms of quality and price range to other vacuum cleaners on the market. With a power of 2500 Pa, it can easily vacuum up not only dust but also pet hair. The robot works in a serpentine system, during which it returns to already cleaned areas to further optimize the cleaning process. The side rotating brushes capture dirt in an excellent way, with a fairly low noise level that varies significantly depending on the suction modes. Yeedi 2 Hybrid has three levels of suction, which affect not only the power and noise, but also the battery consumption. The floor cleaning option is designed more for refreshing or polishing floors, sometimes not suitable for removing stains or sticky substances such as dirt, grease, grime, etc. sweet drinks. The advantage of the cleaning tank is the electro-valve, with which you can set the amount of water to be distributed on the floor. The hardware has a built-in camera that lacks laser navigation, which means Yeedi 2 Hybrid can hit furniture and other objects in its path.

Battery and robot cost

Yeedi 2 Hybrid is equipped with a 5200 mAh battery, the same kind used in more expensive and more powerful models. Therein lies the success of this vacuum cleaner, because thanks to a strong battery it is able to reach 200 minutes of operation in minimum suction mode. The robot costs 1100 PLN. Analyzing the quality and performance to price ratio, it can be pointed out that this is an economical vacuuming robot. A major inconvenience for Polish consumers may be that both the Yeedi 2 Hybrid and the app are not supported in Polish.

There are some major pros and cons of this model:

Advantages yeedi 2 hybird:

+ three suction modes
+ good vacuuming quality
+ Well-designed application
+ 200 minutes of work on a single charge

Disadvantages of yeedi 2 hybird:

– no laser navigation system, so the robot hits furniture and other obstacles
– the ability of the wheels to slide on a damp surface (here a lot certainly depends on the surface)
– no app and no control in Polish

In summary, this is a model that certainly worth your attention when looking for a good cleaning equipment. A few shortcomings do not disqualify it, in fact, a good price and build quality make it can compete on an equal footing with popular brands in the market.

You can buy this robot on Allegro:

Article produced in cooperation with yeedi.

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