Xupermask – modern masks in the age of pandemics

Xupermask – modern masks in the age of pandemics?

American rapper Will.i.am and Honeywell unveil first multitasking face mask. Its story began with Marc Benioff, CEO of cloud computing company Salesforce. Businessman took interest in rapper, entrepreneur and Black Eyed Peas band member while watching MTV Video Music Award. The artist used a face mask that was a combination of a gas mask and a space helmet in his audiovisual materials.

Benioff contacted a musician who was already active in the technology industry – m.in. he was speaking at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference. Will.i.am (William Adams) said that Benioff must contact Darius Adamczyk, a businessman of Polish origin who is the president of a global holding company. This very company was responsible for producing millions of N95 masks in the last year.

The product is the result of a co-op Will.i.am and Honeywell holding. William Adams compared wearing masks to wearing shoes. He pointed out that you can’t enter a mall, restaurant or airplane without shoes, just as you shouldn’t go to any of these places without a mask. The artist argued that it was possible to make the Xupermask protect the face, just as shoes protect the feet. Creating a product combining several functions can result in considerable success.

Xupermask is made of silicone and has mesh fabric stitched on the side. Clings tightly to the face and extends to the neck. Such holistic coverage is supposed to protect people from microorganisms. The product is battery powered and has three fans with two speeds. The mask is equipped with the Honeywell HEPA filtration system, however, the company indicates that this is not the quality of protection as in FFP2 masks. Undoubtedly noteworthy are a number of technological innovations with which the face cover is equipped – noise-canceling headphones, LEDs for the night, a small battery and Bluetooth. All these options allow you to play music and receive phone calls. You can say that the Xupermask is “friendly” for people who wear glasses, because on the nose the mask is equipped with a special seal that prevents glasses from fogging.

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