How to connect mobile devices to your smart home system

How to connect mobile devices with your smart home system?

Control all your devices with a special app

All the most necessary devices in our home can be connected with each other using a special program. Such applications allow you to freely configure the parameters of devices, as well as to turn on, turn off and control their functions at any time.

One of such programs is Exta Life. The application works perfectly with Android and iOS systems, so it meets the expectations of most customers. This is what would connect mobile devices to the entire smart home system. Exta Life allows you to switch on and off, configure, and update the software and controllers of any elements of your home. The range of the application reaches up to 300 m in an open area. It allows for very comfortable and effective control of the most important functions of a smart house.

Where you can install a smart home system?

At first, let’s determine where you will be able to install this system. The term “smart home” does not necessarily mean that such a camera can be installed only in a single-family house. It is a colloquial term that is most associated with the whole system. However, it can be installed in literally any space, such as an office building, warehouse, hall, or public facility or shopping mall. The possibilities are almost endless. It’s up to you where you install the smart system.

What amenities a smart home provides?

Many people are asking themselves what smart home amenities are worth considering? The answer is not simple, because everyone has different needs. However, there is a certain package of improvements that can be useful in almost any facility. The smart home concept is one of the most useful systems that can be used in homes, workplaces and public spaces. Using your smartphone or tablet, with one click you can configure the most important functions of your home equipment, for example room temperature, light intensity of a lamp bulb or opening width of the gate.

The smart home system has other benefits as well. It can save you a lot of money. Before you decide to install the control unit, consider using the services of professionals. Companies such as Zamel provide assistance at every stage of installation – the valuation of the installation, the selection of appropriate components, as well as setting the parameters.

What do we gain from a smart home system?

Thanks to this system we gain enormous savings of money, for example on electricity or heating bills. There is often a situation where individual fixtures and fittings are not switched off in time and the ventilation and heating system is not set up properly. The result is typically poor room ergonomics and wasteful energy use.

A smart home is certainly a good solution for people who want to significantly increase the functionality of the spaces they frequent. It can be for example at home, workplace or public institution. Automating individual processes and advanced configuration of key features not only improves the user experience, but also saves money.

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