Faster website performance thanks to CDN.

Faster website performance with CDN

According to research conducted by Google, more than half of users abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. As a result, it is important to choose only hosting that maximizes the speed of our projects. Company recently added additional distribution nodes to its Content Delivery Network (CDN), increasing the speed of its customers’ sites by shortening the physical distance between the server storing the data and the user.

What website speed depends on?

There are many factors underlying the fast performance of websites. The foundation, of course, remains the parameters of the server on which we run the site, such as m.In. type of disk, processor or guaranteed amount of RAM. The technology in which the hosting is implemented also matters. Cloud solutions provide faster performance, because a website is not hosted on a single server with limited power, but on several hundred machines simultaneously. Thanks to this, the website becomes resistant to sudden overloads and always displays at the maximum possible speed.

Another factor positively influencing the speed of a website is the caching of its content within the network Content Delivery Network (CDN). It is made up of many geographically dispersed nodes that are located in key locations around the country or the world. How it works? If we visit a website, which is located in a Data Center at the other end of the globe, its loading time remains relatively long for us. If important elements of the site are hosted on geographically closer servers, it will load much faster. A CDN just consists of servers scattered around the world that store copies of the components of web pages.

CloudHosting with CDN name.en

Company has extended its CDN network with nodes located in Seattle and Washington DC. Thus, they join those located in Cracow, Warsaw, Amsterdam. Work is also underway on another hub in Madrid.

Intelligent forwarding of requests to the nearest node ensures faster opening of websites not only in Poland and Western Europe, but also in the USA. Also, a large number of connections from Asia and Australia to Polish websites are made via North America. For this reason, new traffic exchange points on the east and west coasts of the U.S have cut these connection times by up to half!

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